This CD-ROM will enable you to create 15 Fantastic Stretch Cards that will look truly amazing, yet are simple to make.
The images have been designed for making cards for the Men in your life, but are Not just for the Boys. Each design has a unique take on themes from D I Y, Ten Pin Bowling even Ice Creams to name a few. Perfect all ages from 1 to 101, so you should have no problem making the right card for every occasion. The greetings arches that come with each design can be used to further embellish the card and can be placed on the end panels to give your card even more impact.
The CD also contains a range of templates so you can make your own Stretch Cards or mix and match images from any of my designs as each one also has sets of individual embellishments.
These Stretch Cards really are amazing, they fold flat for posting and stretch out when opened. A small pull will stretch them further for an even more imposing card. I have designed this range of Stretch Cards to be so simple to make that crafters of all ages can make cards with a WOW factor.

Not just for the Boys Stretch Cards Cd is what is says, the perfect solution for making male themed cards, but it's Not just for the Boys, girls will love it, too.

£15.95 (incP&P)