You will need to have Adobe reader installed for the CD Rom to work properly. Click on the logo below to get a free download from the Adobe Website.
(Remember to uptick the free offers in the middle box.)


Our CDs are very user friendly but if you have a problem please go to the Help Menu on your CD where you will find solutions to most of your queries. We have listed a few FAQs below. If you still can't find a solution then please feel free to contact us at


Printing is very simple. Please read the instructions below to avoid any problems.

Please ensure that you always select Current Page or Current View every time you print. Otherwise the printer will print all the pages, which you don’t want. It is a good idea to click Print Preview before you print to double check you are printing what you want.

Page scaling should be set to NONE.

How to print Envelopes

To make an envelope either A5 or the larger one you will need two sheets of A4 90gsm paper or above. Use plain white paper or choose a backing paper and print this on one side of each of the two sheets. Now print the envelope templates on to these sheets, preferably on the reverse so the template lines are inside the finished envelope. Next cut the solid lines and score and fold the dotted lines and glue the two side tabs and the bottom leaving the angled flap open to be sealed when you are ready to send the finished card.

My new CD is not working

There may be a mark or a fingerprint on the shiny surface of the CD, which prevents it from being read properly. Try cleaning it very gently - a reading glasses cloth is ideal.

If this doesn't work then it is likely to be the operating software. All of our CDs are designed to autorun through a single version of Adobe Reader. Perhaps you have added a new version? It does not automatically delete the old one so a new CD "gets confused" and will not install properly

If you find that you have more than one version you must delete them ALL, disable any anti-virus software you have and re-install just the latest version of Adobe Reader that is designed for your computer (SP2, SP3, Vista and Windows 7), then re-enable the antivirus software and try the CD again. Adobe Reader is free to download.

Can I sell the Cards and other items I make with the images from the CD?
Yes, our Angel Policy allows you to do this as long as the cards are individually handmade and not mass produced. You cannot print out individual sheets and sell them on, nor have them professionally printed.

Please note that this CD is sold on the condition that it should not, by way of trade or otherwise be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent.

I've heard there is a limit of selling 200 images - is that right?

The limit of 200 usually applies when there is a licence on a CD from an artist whose work has been featured, rather than CDs like ours where we have our own artwork - so there is no limit.

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