Robert Addans CELTIC CD-ROM is the the third in the "History" series. It is absolutely bursting with over 400 backing papers and 30 decoupage images all based around the Celtic theme. You truly will be inspired to make beautiful and stunning cards for all occasions and for all people. There is some thing for every one, Warriors, Wizards and Weapons for the Men and Boys, Flowers and Faire's for the Girls. As well as something for Christmas, Valentines day, Easter, Halloween, Birthdays and general cards such as Good lock and sorry etc. Versatility is the watch word all with a beautiful Celtic flavor.
It is nice when crafting to introduce a fresh theme into your cards, something a little different and out of the ordinary, and this CD-Rom delivers just that. Celtic imagery is based on beautiful flowing designs takes from the natural world and also based on legends and stores. It is both mist ic and spiritual, such is the endurance of the Celts that their designs would prove the inspiration for the Art Nouveau period that would follow a thousand years later.
This CD-ROM really is very special and will enhance any crafter's work, from card making to scrap-booking. Its Celtic timles elegance, style and beauty will be gracing your work for years to come.

You can print the following from this CD-ROM

420 Celtic Themed Backing Papers
210 Text Editable Celtic Themed Inserts and Frames
31 Celtic Myths & Legends Decoupage Images
36 Text Editable Celtic Digital Ribbons
65 Special Themed Celtic papers
A5, A6 & DL Envelope Templates
48 Traditional Celtic Papers


I feel this is a very special CD and hope to share with you my love of the Celtic period, its wonderfully rich, exciting range of colours and designs and its magnificent cultural heritage.

Robert Addams

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