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This Cd-rom enables you to print a set of 25 beautiful butterflies in a range of gorges colours. Each butterfly comes in a set off 8 x A5 inserts, 8xA6 inserts and 10 colour coordinated backing sheets which have large, medium and small butterflies as well as appearing on on a plain or Gingham background. They truly are stunning papers and will enhance the work of any card maker, crafter or scrap booker. The butterflies are photographed from life and have a beautiful natural and realistic look. Each set has a sheet of decoupage images that will enhance your work even further.
The cd also contains patterns for printing Envelopes, gift boxes and tags. As well as greetings messages. Also included are a set of 8 gingham background papers and a number of background images of flowers that can be used to enhance your cards and used as decoupage. Finally there is a section which introduces the art of "Fritillary" which displays the butterflies in cases, it is a fascinating craft and makes for truly stunning gifts.
This really is a "must have" Cd-rom for any crafter, you will be amazed at the images and versatility of this product. It also has a time less quality which will not date your work or go out of fashion.